Installers of simple to use wireless home automation technology! 

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Dome IQ is a young and dynamic company offering a high range of Home Automation services. We are able to offer the highest quality solutions, tailored to individual needs and all of our work is carried out by friendly and efficient trained engineers. We are committed to ensuring all of customers receive the quality, value and service that they deserve.

Elements of a home automation system include sensors (such as temperature, daylight, or motion detection), controllers (such as Vera, Fibaro – dedicated automation controllers) and actuators, such as motorized valves, light switches, dimmers. One or more human-machine interface devices are required, so that the residents of the home can interact with the system for monitoring and control; this may be an application running on a smart phone or tablet computer. Devices communicate wirelessly over a Z-Wave network.


  • • Extinguish all the lights of the house at a predetermined time and date range, using switches
  • • Use of motion detectors to automatically extinguish the lights in a room after occupants have left and turn on the lights if occupants enter a room
  • • Turn the light on or off with the use of a remote wireless device
  • • Control the brightness of the lights according to the level of ambient light available, or other criteria, using dimmer

  • • Monitor and control the door locks from anywhere in the world through the internet or mobile phone. Remote locking and unlocking – a motor driven deadbolt allows for true remote locking.
  • • With Dome IQ, the consumer can select and watch cameras live from an Internet. Security cameras can be controlled, allowing the user to observe activity around a house right from a Monitor or touch panel.
  • • Security systems can include motion sensors that will detect any kind of unauthorized movement and notify the user through the security system or via cell phone.
  • • Intrusion Detection also includes: Magnetic contact sensors for doors / windows, Glass break detectors, Detectors of fire, gas leaks and water leaks.



  • • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions can include temperature and humidity control.
  • • Heating solutions are varied and could include an internet-controlled thermostat, by allowing the homeowner to control the building’s heating and air conditioning systems remotely.

  • The Z-Wave to IR Extender is ideal for interfacing your Air conditioning or Audio/Video IR controlled equipment with your Z-Wave system. It can also feedback the room temperature to your Z-wave controller so you don’t need a seperate sensing unit for that.

Home Services
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