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Lifestyle Convenience

Z-Wave Adds Convenience To Your Lifestyle

For all the advances in today’s digital home electronics, one very basic idea has always been sorely missing — the ability to have your electronics work together as a team. With Z-Wave, you can finally have the convenience of unified control over all your home electronics, and customize their operation to your preferences and your lifestyle.
Think of all the individual electronics you have to set for even the most basic daily activities. How many buttons on how many remote controls do you push just to watch a DVD movie? How many lights and appliances on laundry day? How many doors and lights to check before you leave for an evening out? What if you could control all of these with a single unified action? Z-Wave gives you the power — wirelessly, and throughout your home.

Everything Works Together

And these are just ordinary daily activities. What if you could set up special “scenes” for all your home electronics that corresponded to special activities? What if you could have a remote control for “cocktail party,” where one button could dim the room lights and bring up your favorite jazz station? How about a button for “homework time” that turns off the TV and the telephone in the kids room, and lowers the TV volume in your living room so as not to disturb? Or a button for your yoga workout that provides soothing light and music? Z-Wave allows your home electronics to work together under remote control, rather than having to control each device individually.

Z-Wave not only gives you all this command from a remote control, it can also give you the same capabilities when you’re away from home, or through pre-programmed automation. Make your house look truly occupied when you’re away on vacation through simple device scheduling, and be able to change devices as you wish from anywhere there’s Internet connectivity. See who’s at your door when you’re at work, turn on security lights when you arrive home late at night, have your home greet you or the hours of the day with preferred climate and ambience. These capabilities used to be seen in only the most affluent homes. With Z-Wave, the same powerful command is made simple and affordable enough for any home! There’s no difficult programming, no major investment, and you can build your automated home over time, on your schedule, according to your needs and your lifestyle!


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