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Home Safety & Security

Better Home Safety & Security With Z-Wave

Home security systems haven’t changed very much for decades. Their basic idea is to recognize when your home security has been breached and then send out an alert, usually to a monitoring agency. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this approach. It’s just that today’s technology allows so much more.

For example, Z-Wave can alert you — as well as the monitoring agency — when something activates the security system. With Z-Wave, a doorbell can send your cell phone an alert, and a security camera can tell you who’s at your door when you’re away on a trip. A Z-Wave enabled intercom can let you talk to whoever’s there — perhaps it’s an unexpected parcel delivery. With Z-Wave, you could even open the vestibule door, and lock it again remotely when the courier leaves.

Safe & Sound Inside and Out

Home security isn’t just about keeping people out, it’s about keeping you and your family safe too, whether they’re home or away. With Z-Wave, you can set up security lights that automatically “see” you and activate themselves when you arrive home at night. You can use Z-Wave sensors to light up your way as you walk through your home — no more stumbling in the dark, even for overnight guests that don’t know where your light switches are. You can set up Z-Wave to make sure you’ve shut off all your appliances once the lights go out for the night — no more having to get out of bed to see if you remembered to turn off the coffee pot or the downstairs space heater.

Z-Wave opens up a world of new possibilities in home safety and security. Z-Wave enabled devices can send alerts and triggers to other Z-Wave devices, or to an entire Z-Wave network, even when you’re not at home. With Z-Wave, a smoke detector in the garage can trigger another near your bedroom. A security camera can turn on a backyard light. A motion detector can call your cell phone. Z-Wave can interface with your existing home security system, so you can add Z-Wave benefits without having to re-install costly infrastructure. Z-Wave makes your home safer and more secure, even for the do-it-yourselfer.


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